Customized software packages

Optimize the work of support functions

Our aim is to accompany the support functions and to optimize everything that can be accomplished via our ecosystem.

Our method is to spend a few hours with them to design a made to measure work tool.

Access to these tools is highly secured with a systematic IP control. 
Take the example of the reception, which is gracefully in the software «  ACCUEIL » repetitive and time-consuming spots are reduced to simple buttons, thus freeing valuable time to the receptionists. A major asset when you note the peaks of activity at certain hours of the day to receive phone calls and receive visitors.

The tool we have created, of course, archive all operations and an Excel report can be generated in a moment, at any time of day.

Example of a software package

Temporary badges* are intended for employees of the company and used to circulate freely on the area. Thanks to our solution, hostesses can considerably reduce the time of employee’s passage at the reception to obtain an access badge.

(*) : We Make distinguishing between temporary badge and visitor badge.
For visitors, another procedure is defined which requires the hostesses to contact the host collaborator systematically.

Temporary badge Management