A corporate directory booklet for each entity

WhosWho.studio : A corporate directory booklet for each entity.

Corporate directory booklets are « the black beast » of the assistants who must update them regularly. This operation is extremely time consuming: Microsoft PowerPoint and individuals’ photographs are generally used to build those. For each new incoming — or outcoming — person, you must move everything, not only on the page, but also for all the following… Moreover, the images are disparate, in various formats and qualities, requiring more time working on them. It is a full-time job on many days for all the entities’ assistants.

Our solution releases them from this tedious task and allows you to get a professional and harmonious « look and feel » for all entities of the company! 

At fixed dates, usually every month, the Corporate Directory booklets will be made available to each entity, ready for printing.

3 research axes

As in its digital version, you can find a person following several research axes:
• by alphabetic order
• by role
• by expertise

Archive constitution

Month after month, you’re building the archives of the entities and the Company.
It is one of the absent features of the smartphone app that does not deal with it, displaying only real-time information. 

Additional content

Periodically add to the booklet your own entity’s news pages, emergency procedures to be followed in case of fire, your next training dates or your company’s major events coming up...